Hunting a Mouflon to 2200 metres of altitude

hunting a mouflon in Spain to 2200 metres of altitude

We ofer you an increcible new experience. Have you ever hunt a mouflon to 2200 meters of altitude in Andalusia like a Ibex hunt? Only with Iberhunting, you can do it!
This is the story of our friend Ken. This germany hunter shot this amazing mouflon to 2200 meters of altitude. An incredible experience!
After this great adventure hunting a mouflon, Ken could also enjoy the culture and cousine of Andalusia. Because we offer you a hunting and holidays trip.
In Iberhunting we have been working more than 25 years organizing Spanish hunting trips for companies, individual hunters and groups. We provide to our customers the unforgettable experience of living an amazing hunting trip in Spain.

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