This story starts in the Sierra Nevada with a female hunter, Helga, and her husband Manfred. This couple has the same passion: the hunt. ´We both like hunting, and it is great to spend holidays and spare time together, sharing the same interest´, Helga says. To this female hunter, the interest of hunting came 30 years ago, in 1989, so she is an authentic professional hunter.

Helga explains that nowadays it is fully accepted to be a woman hunter. ´This was different 30 years ago when I started hunting. Today, I have several female friends who are also hunters´. She says that she likes to be a hunter because she loves to be out in nature. ´I like to watch a wild living animals, to be in contact with local people and different cultures, and last but not least, to collect some trophies as a memory´.

She explains: ´It is not only about trophy hunting. I like to cook, and as a hunter, I have access to the best and most naturally grown meat in the world. I prepare almost any dish from game meat. Together with my husband, we also make our own sausages, smoked ham, steaks, etc from game meat. As such, I found it a pity that the meat from the animals we shot in Spain was wasted´.

She thinks that in this world of hunting something needs to change: ´Non-hunters and in particular children should be educated and taught that hunting is a natural way to foster and harvest game and to preserve nature. Food made from game meat is much healthier and more sustainable than food produced in industrial livestock breeding´.

The experience with Iberhunting

´Hunting with Antonio and his team was like hunting with “old friends” and not with a company, which is only interested in profit. It was great that we could repeat the not successful hunt from autumn last year and by this see another hunting area in Spain´.

For Iberhunting all the trip is important. We like to take care of not only the hunt but also the food and accommodation. `I enjoy it very much. The food and accommodation were excellent. The hotel Parador at Lorca was superb, but I personally prefer local, privately owned hotels like the one in the Sierra Nevada (Sergio’s home´. Iberhunting is a licensed and bonded OFFICIAL TRAVEL AGENCY with registered number C.I.MU.347.m This means that we are allowed to organize full programs including not only the hunt, which any outfitter can do but also all transfers, accommodations, restaurants, holidays… which only an Official Travel Agency is allowed to do it. Now you can book with a guarantee and safety your hunting trips in Spain and Worldwide.