Last week we traveled to Azerbaijan to hunt the Tur in Azerbaijan with our friend Jörg from Germany. A trip of an impressive natural beauty. Furthermore, Azerbaijan is a very selective hunt which requires very good physical and mental skills because of high mountains. This is a very exciting hunting trip where all mountain hunters really enjoy. All paths are difficult as well as the altitude through the tracks (if you can call them tracks).

Hunting the Tur in Azerbaijan is one of the hardest stalkings in the high mountains. The shooting distance depends on the circumstances, but you have to be prepared for a shot at 300 or 500 meters if you want to take a big trophy.

Moreover, in the hunting area there are very few resources and the guides usually help you taken some stuff. But, you have to travel only with the necessary water and food. And It is better to eat energy bars and do not drink from the river.

Be patient

Our friend Jörg shot two amazing Turs and we assure you this is a majestic trophy that fills you with pride. The guides are the key to success, so the most important thing is to make them feel comfortable and enjoy the trip with them. In addition, yo need to be patient to hunt th Tur in Azerbaijan. The guides have different customs and methods of hunting but you have to trust them!

If you like the adventure, this is your hunting trip. Azerbaijan is famous for its good population of East Caucasian Ibex/ Dagestan Tur. And our hunting area holding a very good population of Tur, which may have a life weight of up to 100 kg. Average good Tur carry horns with 70 – 80 cm. Very Good trophies will have a length of 80 – 85 cm and the exceptional odd ones may have horns being up to 95 cm long.

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