Gredos Ibex

Gredos Ibex

It is characterized by its dark coat and, along with the Ibex of Beceite-Tortosa, has the largest antlers. Its horns are big and ringed, with a rugged surface, and shaped like a lyre. The growth of these horns is proportional to the age of the animal, adding one ring each year. The female goats have small, straighter horns. The males have an average weight of 90 kg and the females over 40 kg.

Gredos Ibex hunt in Spain


In the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, toward the West, is the Central System, a long mountain range, formed by a series of mountains, among which we find la Sierra de Gredos, located between the provinces of Ávila, Cáceres, Madrid, and Toledo, and which gives the name to this subspecies of mountain goat. La Sierra de Gredos presents a spectacular montage of lakes, cirques, gorges, ranges, cliffs, crags, and moraine deposits, with the Almanzor peak, at 2,592m being the highest point in the whole mountain range.

Hunting Area

Gredos Ibex hunt in SpainIt is in this long mountain range where we can find a lot of different areas for hunting the Gredos Ibex, but any place can be compared with the Hunting Reserve of Gredos. The Reserve almost covers the called Macizo Central  in Sierra de Gredos, on the south of the province of  Ávila (1.30h driving from Madrid). This area holds a very high density of ibex and very good to outstanding size of trophies. The hunts in Gredos are very successful and we permanently scored on a 100% success.

In the Hunting Reserve of Gredos there are two different areas: North Side and South Side.

  • North side: in this area the hunting ground is flatter and easily accessible. There is a large population of ibexes and very high quality of trophies. We recommend this area for hunter with really bad physical conditions, bow hunters or people looking for gold medal trophies more than 245 points.
  • South side: it is a mountainous area but very accessible with normal physical conditions. In this area there is also a big population of ibex. We use to hunt by stalking in this area with our customers with a result of 100% successful hunts.

Hunting Area

Gredos Spanish Ibex is famous for being the biggest of the four different Spanish ibexes. In the Hunting Reserve of Gredos, the best hunting area for this specie, you will enjoy the beautiful mountains of the center Spain and also this amazing stalking hunt in an area plenty of very good trophies. 

Gredos Ibex hunt in Spain

The hunting season in the South Side of Gredos is from 1st October to 31st December and from 15th January to 30th April. 

In the North Side of Gredos the hunting season is from 15th September to 15th December and from 15th January to 15th June.

Your hunting trip will start with your arrival to Madrid airport (Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez) where Mr.Antonio Teruel will meet you. He will accompany you during all your trip and will care for your hunt.  After the clearance documents for bringing your riffle, you will be transferred to the hotel close to the hunting area and having dinner in the restaurant of the hotel.

If you choose to hunt in North Side of Gredos, then you will stayed in Hotel El Milano Realwww.elmilanoreal.com – 

If you hunt in the South Side area, then you will be accommodated in Hotel Llano de Tineo – www.llanotineohotel.es –


In both cases these small boutique hotels, with a welcoming ambiance and wonderful natural surroundings, are perfect places for discovering the gastronomy of the area. And exploring the gastronomy of Castilla y León (name of the region) means having fresh beef and discovering the increased use of codfish and trout in récipes. It means discovering and taste in the use of basic raw materials and farm produce. It means enjoying wine country with a rich tradition, which today makes high-end wines, all along the river Duero. A high quality of the services will be present during all your hunting trip. 

This hunt, just like other stalking of these species, begins in the early hours of the morning after a good breakfast. It is a mountain hunt in which the hunter and guides search, with the aid of binoculars and monocular, for a suitable trophy according to the clients demands. The stalking should then be carried out in complete silence, with attention being paid to the recommendations of the guide. This is a specie with a very sharp sense of smell, sight and hearing, an adversary which will contribute to the hunt, together with the incomparable landscape common to the area, the necessary ingredients to make the day an unforgettable hunting experience.

Gredos Ibex hunt in SpainWhen hunting by stalking shooting distances may be in the range of 150 – 250 meters in the South Side of Gredos and 100 – 200 meters in the North Side. Recommended calibres for this hunt are 300 WM, 338 WM and 270 Weatherby. In most cases you will have time to get a comfortable rest for shooting, but sometimes you must be able to manage quicker shots.

The spanish Ibex establish two types of social groups: groups with only males and females with Young groups. It is during the rut time, november – december, when the males interact with the females in order to reproduce. Mixed groups are also common during the rest of the Winter.


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