• Airport: Madrid Airport

  • Hunting Season: Oct-May

  • Duration: From 2 days

  • Accommodation: Hotel

Group of Gredos ibexes on a mountain of Spain

Where are ibex found

In the heart of the Iberian Peninsula, toward the West, is the Central System, a long mountain range, formed by a series of mountains, among which we find la Sierra de Gredos, which gives the name to this subspecies of the mountain goat. It is in this long mountain range where we can find a lot of different areas for hunting the Gredos Ibex, but any place can be compared with the Hunting Reserve of Gredos. The Reserve almost covers the area called Macizo Central in Sierra de Gredos, in the south of the province of Ávila.

Gredos Ibex is characterized by its dark coat and, along with the Ibex of Beceite-Tortosa, has the largest antlers. Its horns are big and ringed, with a rugged surface, and shaped like a lyre. The growth of these horns is proportional to the age of the animal, adding one ring each year.

Hunter with his Gredos ibex hunting trophy

It is famous for being the biggest of the four different Spanish ibexes. In the Hunting Reserve of Gredos, the best hunting area for this species, you will enjoy the beautiful mountains of the center of Spain and also this fantastic stalking hunt in an area with plenty of excellent trophies.

An exciting stalking hunt

Your hunting trip will start with your arrival at Madrid airport, where an Iberhunting guide will meet you. He will accompany you during all your trip and will care for your hunt. We will drive to Castilla y León Region, a treasure trove of historic sites and impressive landscapes. We will arrive at our beautiful hotel close to the hunting area where we will have dinner and regain strength before our next exciting hunting days.

The hunting day starts early in the morning with a hearty breakfast in the hotel. We will drive then to the Hunting Reserve, an incredible mountain surrounding where to stalk our impressive Gredos Ibex. The hunting area is exceptional with exceptional quantity and quality of trophies. The hunter will enjoy a great hunting day!

Hunter with his Gredos ibex trophy
Hunter looking for a Gredos ibex to hunt
Huntress with her Gredos ibex trophy
Hunters crossing a river on the mountain to hunt Gredos ibex
Hunter with his Gredos ibex hunting trophy
Gredos ibexes fighting on a rock
Gredos ibex trophy
Hunter looking for a Gredos ibex
Huntress with her Gredos ibex
Hunter with Beceite ibex trophy
Gredos ibex trophy with his hunter
Gredos ibex fighting
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Welcome to the real Spain, this region will captivate you

In this area, we can find small boutique hotels, with a welcoming ambiance and wonderful natural surroundings, perfect places for discovering the regional food. And exploring the gastronomy of Castilla y León (name of the region) means having fresh beef and discovering the increased use of codfish and trout in récipes. It means to discover and taste in the use of basic raw materials and farm produce. It means enjoying wine country with a rich tradition, which today makes high-end wines, all along the river Duero. High-quality services will be present during all your hunting trips.

A group of non hunters sightseeing for Gredos ibex

Tourism for Gredos Ibex

Last Videos of Gredos Ibex hunt

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