The season for big game hunting begins in Spain, and it is the time to control the big red stag. Furthermore, in the south of Spain, the old deer are beginning to be heard the roar starts. But it is also the time with the full moon to hunt the big Wild Boars of the mountains.

We travel until September 2019 to experience the hunt of black wild boar. This season is very nice because you can hunt wild boar while you listen to the rut time of the deers.

The afternoon is the meeting time for the hunter and PH, as it usually happens in the summer. This is because, in the afternoons, there are generally great storms. Nevertheless, if the storm stops, these are the best days to hunt since the animals begin to move soon.

At 07.00 pm, we got into position, a natural position where we saw several fruit trees, and we know those wild boars usually go to eat. After an hour of very entertaining waiting, since we could see some deer and Ibex. We saw a group of wild boars approaching the place where they had food. There were several females with the young, and we enjoyed how they ate and played in broad daylight.

Waiting for the great wild boar

We were still waiting to see the great wild boar in the area, already with some groups of wild boars eating and the sun setting, suddenly, a completely black wild boar appeared.

PH and hunter began to value the wild boar, at the same time that the wild boar was jealous of entering the place of food, a sign that indicated that it is an old and intelligent wild boar.

The black color is usually from young wild boars, but the tusks were very large. The moment of truth arrived, and with a little light, we still decided to shoot the Great Black Boar. We were observing it for a long time and enjoying it because, in our hunting area, it was possible to hunt big wild boars in broad daylight. For many hunters, a wild boar stalking or awaiting the sunrise is one of the most exciting hunts and with more worldwide followers.

The black boar was eating peacefully along with other wild boars under the fruit trees. With an accurate shot about 70m away with a 338wm caliber, we got a spectacular trophy that measured 22cm in length.

We recommend this fantastic hunting experience combined with the rut time of the Spanish Redstag. We can also offer you the opportunity to hunt big wild boars wild in the depths of the forest. Contact us for more information.