We begin a new hunting adventure. It begins to get light with snow on the top of the mountains and a cold day.

As with every hunt, we begin our day with the park rangers at the town bar to take a coffee and discuss the hunting plan.

Preparing our plan for the hunt

We planned to hunt a big Ronda ibex and a representative Ronda ibex trophy. We wait for the sun to heat the hillside for the ibex to get out of their “beds” to eat.

We inspect all the lower parts of the mountain, but we know when the rut time is over, all the ibexes go to the top of the hill to the group.

Hunting our Ronda ibex

We began to climb across the shady spot to be on the top and see the sunny area we sensed the ibexes would be there because of the cold.

After a long climb, we get to our stopping place and thanks to the experience of our team, we got a group of ibexes.

There were 10-12 of them and many of them satisfied the conditions we wanted, so we walk some meters to be 120m (130 yds) from them. We got two perfect shots. First, we got the big Ronda ibex trophy, and finish, we got our representative Ronda ibex trophy.

We love happy endings, and this is one of them.