Today we hunt with a US Army Veteran and hunter passionate about the high-mountain game. We are in Gredos, home of which for me is probably the most beautiful ibex in the world.

The objective is to hunt a huge Gredos ibex.

We start the morning climbing these incredible mountains from which you quickly go from 400m to 2000m. In these steep mountains, we can find numerous Gredos ibex.

We went up and up, finding several Gredos ibex in our path, although they were not what we were looking for. After a long day of seeing many ibex along the mountain, the gamekeeper of the game reserve receives a call from a shepherd, this man lives in the mountain with his goats and is sometimes a great help to hunters. Thanks to this shepherd, IberHunting has been able to hunt several Gold medal Gredos ibex, so it is always a great help to have him.

We received information that a big male ibex of advanced age is near the river bed, and on the mountainside. This tells us that he is a very old ibex and that he has come down from the summits of Gredos to spend the last days of his long life.

Our valuation for Gredos ibex

We did not hesitate and although we were at a fairly high altitude, we decided to go down and assess the animal. For this, we also made a strategy and it was that a gamekeeper and I went to the opposite slope to control the movements of said ibex and not lose sight of it, while with the radio we indicated to Dean and the other gamekeeper what they should do to be able to reach our Gredos ibex.

Everything was perfect and the plan worked. When we arrived, we assessed the quality of the trophy and I was able to direct our US Veteran to put it at a distance of 100 meters (110 yds) so that he could take a perfect shot and thus get his last ibex to complete his grand slam.