We are thrilled to bring you exciting news from within our IberHunting team. Sergio, our main guide in Spain, has achieved a remarkable milestone by being appointed as an Official Measurer by Safari Club International (SCI).

This prestigious recognition not only showcases his exceptional skills and expertise but also elevates our company, IberHunting, to new heights in the hunting community. Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement and discover how it sets IberHunting apart from other hunting companies.

At IberHunting, we take immense pride in delivering unforgettable hunting experiences to our clients. Our colleague’s appointment as an Official Measurer by SCI further enhances IberHunting’s ability to provide unparalleled services.

With this new distinction, we have a competitive edge that sets IberHunting apart from other hunting companies. Our clients can now benefit from our IberHunting’s Official Measurer, ensuring precise trophy measurements that adhere to internationally recognized standards.

As we move forward, we are excited about the enhanced level of service IberHunting can provide to our clients. IberHunting will ensure that each trophy’s measurement is accurate, adding value to the experiences we offer. This recognition by Safari Club International further cements our commitment to delivering outstanding hunting adventures while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.