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Hunting in Spain with Iberhunting will be one of the best emotions that you will feel like a hunter. We can guarantee the success of all our hunts, from the traditional Montería to our stalking hunts: Gredos Ibex, Beceite Ibex, Southeastern Ibex (Sierra Nevada) and Ronda Ibex, and also different spanish species like Chamois, Redstag, Mouflon and Aoudadsheep. A new hunting experience in Spain!!!.

Beceite Ibex
Hunting Beceite Ibex
Gastronomy in Spain
Typical Spanish Gastronomy
New hunting programs in Spain
New Hunting Programs

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Before hunting, check the weather!


If you are coming to hunt at Spain, we recommend check the weather. The weather and phase moon are very important. Check here the weather in our hunting zones.

2016 Spanish Montería

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Last reference

“Dear Mercedes and Antonio, Once again we decided to go to Spain for hunting with IBER-HUNTING. This time is was for Beceite Ibex, which was the last one I lacked to get the Spanish Ibex Grand Slam....”

Jill & Jørgen

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Iberhunting properly have Spain's most comprehensive program!!!. Iberhunting can offer a great variety of hunts in Spain, covering the 4 ibex, wolf, and the two species of chamois, red deer, fallow buck, mouflon, wild boar, Boc Balear and Monterias.