Spain is an attractive destination to hunters, but to find affordable hunting trips in Spain, we always highly recommend comparing the outfitters. To not have any surprises, always remember you have to book your hunt with a legal outfitter. By Spanish law, only Official Travel Agencies comply with the legal requirements and the civil liability insurance necessary to organize and guarantee hunting trips in Spain including hunting, accommodation, and transfers.

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A few weeks ago, we read in the newspapers about an exemplary sanction from the Consell de Mallorca (Spain) for organizing an illegal hunt for Balearean boc. The Hunting Service filed a fine of 20,000 euros for the organizer of an illegal hunt in the Serra de Tramuntana to capture a wild Mallorcan goat. In addition to the organizer, the foreign hunter who participated has also been sanctioned with 3,354 euros.

Wildlife population control

The activity, as highlighted by the hunting department directed by Jaume Tomàs, was carried out in 2014 without having any mandatory document under the hunting law in the island, even, the foreign hunter did not have a hunting license. Although the disciplinary proceedings began seven years ago, the organizers appealed the case to the courts and it was not until the end of December 2020 that the contentious administrative court of Palma ruled in favor of the Consell (hunting department) and ratified the fine. The insular director of hunting, Jaume Tomàs, maintains that this is an “exemplary sanction” for the practice of an activity that did not have the necessary permits. Tomàs clarifies that in Mallorca seven areas have a hunting certificate, but where the hunt was carried out in 2014 they did not have any permit for hunting tourism. “The Mallorcan wild goat continues to be a minority in the Serra de Tramuntana and can only be hunted in areas with a quality certificate,” they recall from the department. “Unfortunately, poaching is one of the threats suffered by the wild goat of the Island, in the form of fraudulent use of authorizations, live captures to resell possible trophies, the sale of meat, or deception to foreign hunters”, they point out from Hunting.

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Hunting licenses in Spain

Spain does not have a unique hunting law for the country. The issue is that all communities in Spain should regulate the licenses and the rules about the hunting season and the area where it can hunt.

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From Iberhunting we have more than 30 years of experience organizing hunts in Spain. We comply with all legal requirements to prepare a hunting trip including transfers, accommodations, and sightseeing activities for companions. In Spain, only Official Travel Agencies can organize complete packages including hunting, accommodation, and transfers with the legal requirements and the civil liability insurance necessary. So if you are looking for affordable hunting trips in Spain do not trust the first cheap hunting trip. Official Travel Agency in SpainAnd if you are not sure if the outfitter is an Official Travel Agency you can ask for the registration number. Our registration number is CIMU.347.m. Also, in Iberhunting we have a legal department to resolve all legal doubts and requirements that our clients may have.

If you would like to hunt in Spain do not doubt and book your hunt with Iberhunting with all the guarantees.

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