While the Iberhunting team continues enjoying one of the safaris with African game animals, the first thing you think is how wonderful this destination is to enjoy with the family.

If you have in mind to book a safari hunting trip to South Africa or Namibia and you would like to travel with your family, then this is a great decision. 

Game Species

In both countries, you can enjoy a wonderful hunting trip together. The hunters have a lot of incredible experiences and a variety of games. 

Sightseeing activities

And the family has many sightseeing activities like visiting some of the National Parks or even seeing many kinds of animals around the hunting areas. 

It is very important to choose the right place. We recommend that everything should be almost perfect like the lodge, accommodations, nice swimming pool, the best food… And of course to have great hunting areas where it does not need to drive between two or three hours drive for each species. We recommend that you start hunting near the lodge, and for some species not to travel more than three hours.

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  • Pool from Africa hunting safari accommodation
  • South Africa views from accommodation

African game animals everywhere

The hunter and family have to enjoy the great adventures and spend time together. So the hunter can not be very tired after the hunt to spend time with the family. 

So more and more hunters travel with the family and this is a very good idea. Because apart from spending time together, each member of the family has great experiences. A trip to Africa is one of the most amazing things you can experience because everything in Africa is astounding: the landscape, the sound, nature, African big game animals everywhere… Seeing different animals, and hundreds of colors around you is just awesome! We are completely sure that nobody in the family will forget this experience and for many months they will speak about this adventure in Africa.

Animals in Namibia

Experienced and reliable outfitter

A very important and good piece of advice to all hunters is do not book the first cheap offer that you find on the internet. It is very important to take your time and compare everything to see if it is worth it. To choose the right guided outfitter or an official hunting agency with all the guarantees because you are traveling to Africa. So do not doubt that a good hunting outfitter will help you with your decision because the hunting agency must visit all destinations that they offer. With Iberhunting you will not have any doubt, we know exactly where and why to go and if the expectations you are looking for are the right one or not.

Dessert in Namibia

Hunting vacation

Having the right information about your destination and your expectations can make the difference between having a great hunting safari and vacation or just having a bad experience. And never forget that you get what you pay for, so sometimes it is better to wait another year if you need it and book a great experience.

Family holidays hunting trip

Official Travel Agency

From Iberhunting we can help you not only by choosing your African game animals, but also booking your sightseeing activities for you and your family. We are an experienced and reliable outfitter because we are an official travel agency. So as an official travel agency we can organize for you all kinds of activities for the family and book with all the guarantees. Take a good chance and let Iberhunting organize your best hunting adventure in Africa.  

For more information, you can write to us at [email protected]