After the footprints of Genghis Khan
Asia, a continent full of contrast, cultural diversity, friendly and simple people and stunning landscapes.

Discover the variety of countries and species to hunt in what was the largest empire ever conquered by the famous Genghis Khan.

Asia is an adventure under skies crowned by thousands of stars, steppes on horseback and mountains that disappear into the clouds. It is the satisfaction of achieving the trophy you have always dreamed of, a unique experience that will last in the memory of your great experiences.

Unique countries trapped between the confines of Europe and Asia, of the East and the West.

In each country of this great continent we find a range of landscape contrasts and species that adapt to the conditions and demands of each hunter.

From the first contact with our company, we advise and inform you in detail about the programs that interest you. Our professional guides accompany groups to the chosen destinations. We have many years of experience and we are proud to have the best hunting areas and programs that have been created with the illusion of those who embark on a great adventure for the first time, but organized with the experience of many kilometers of route and the perfection of the smallest detail, so that each adventure is unique and indelible.

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