This story tells how to make successful hunts believing in the instinct and the experience of the guide. The roe deer hunting in some areas of Spain begins on April 1. It was over a year since my great friends and good clients Herman and George had booked their hunting programs. But, because of the pandemic, it had to be delayed like many other hunting trips in Spain and in the world. Once the restrictions allowed us to travel, it was the first thing my friends did: travel to Spain and start enjoying life. Start a hunt with good friends, good wine, and of course enjoy good Spanish gastronomy. Hunting is always an important point that makes us move around the world to enjoy adventure, friends and without a doubt to try to get the trophies that hunters always dream of. And that those dreams are always in our lives since I believe that it is that spirit of adventure that keeps the hunters traveling through worlds and mountains that any mortal would never tread.

  • Hunters enjoying their meals at the restaurant in Spain
  • Delight yourself with exquisite Spanish gastronomy with your roe deer hunting.
  • Taste the exquisite gastonomy in Spain
  • Discover the gastronomy that Spain has to offer
  • Enjoy the Spanish gastronomy with your hunting package

Successful roe deer hunts

Well, going back to hunting those roe deer in Spain, I can tell you that we spent three days hunting in the rain. Anyone else would be at your house except us, there we were, waiting for our much-appreciated roe deer. And it is that the adrenaline, the nature, and the illusion of seeing that long-awaited roe deer, do not make you cold or hot and the hours fly by.

Two hunters having meal and getting ready for hunting roe deer in Spain

There were three days of waiting, cold and rain, and in an interval of 20 minutes, both hunters got their roe deer trophies. And all of this because of the decision I had to make at the last moment. After those 3 days of waiting in bad weather and on the last day of hunting, I couldn’t believe that we didn’t see them if we had been watching them for almost a year.

Experienced guide

Hunters and park rangers decided it was time to give up and go eat, but honestly, I couldn’t give up at that point. So I listened to my heart and the instinct or experience told me that we couldn’t go yet. So I told the hunters not to give up, that it was the last afternoon and my advice was to continue hunting until we had light. And so it was, the hunters followed my advice grudgingly, but in just 20 minutes of interval, both hunters got their trophy. The happiness at that time was enormous. We took the necessary photos and we still had time to eat like royalty.

  • Fortunate hunters with their roe deer hunting trophies
  • Hunter and outfitter with roe deer trophy
  • Enjoying the landscape of the hunting area for hunting roe deer
  • Hunter with his roe deer hunting trophy

Time for tourism with roe deer hunting

Our friends love ham (and who doesn’t), and after many questions about its production process, I decided to speak with a company that manages 150,000 hams per month. And so our friends were able to enjoy a visit to the facilities of a ham dryer. There they were able to see what the ham process is like and of course, they could not avoid the temptation to buy some hams for their family and friends.

  • Visit the ham dryer with your roe deer hunting package
  • Hunter visit the ham dryer on his roe deer hunting package
  • Visit to the ham dryer to know how it works
  • Clients listen to the explanation on the visit to the ham dryer

I have to say that the happiness with which they returned to their country was enormous. But my happiness and satisfaction were greater for having achieved his trophies. And it is that once again it is confirmed that experience and instinct made our friends go home once again happily.

Antonio Teruel