This new hunt begins after getting the Ronda Ibex in Spain. We traveled to our hunting area to hunt this time the Sierra Nevada Ibex or Southeastern Ibex. Just arrived we saw a group of Ibex moving, but nothing interesting. We started the hunt in the lower parts of the area since it was the closest to our arrival.

And it is that when everything is on our side we must take advantage of it! As a principal guide, my intuition and the knowledge of the area made me think of calling a friend of mine who lives in the town. So I told my friend Jose to go to the exit of the cave because on these hot days the big males like to hide and take refuge there from the high temperatures. I called him to tell him to wait around the cave and if he saw anything let me know quickly. We continued searching in the lower parts of the hunting area when I received a call from my friend Jose. He told me to go quickly there because there was a huge male who had just come out of the cave. So the hunter and I went there as fast as we could.

Seconds to get de Sierra Nevada Ibex

When we arrived and without losing any second we prepared everything to shoot. The Ibex was moving up which could complicate the situation. Our hunter Greg is an experienced hunter, but he had a difficult shot. With a steep slope and a difficult position, the animal continued to walk up the mountain. Our animal stopped for a second and the hunter took advantage of the moment to shoot and he got a spectacular Sierra Nevada Ibex trophy. An Ibex is surprised by its thickness, 11 inches, almost impossible to find in the South of Spain, and its length of 30 inches.

Greg and Sierra Nevada ibex skull

Congratulations Greg!

Greg and his Sierra Nevada ibex hunting trophy