Every hunter dreams of his Gold Medal Ibex, but visiting a new country in company is an experience of a lifetime. Both can enjoy an exciting trip and above all, Spain is the ideal country to share your passion for hunting with your companion.

This hunting trip starts with a couple in Madrid visiting the capital of Spain. After three incredible sightseeing days, it was the moment to travel to the Gredos mountains. We only had a 2-hour drive so we arrived at dinner time and had time to talk about hunting stories by the fireplace.

  • Enjoy with your family a great sightseeing in the area of Gredos ibex.
  • Visiting Yuste's Monastery, sightseeing program for Gredos ibex hunt
  • Our friend Jeff with his wife enjoying the sightseeing program

Our hunter had reserved a bronze medal Gredos Ibex but a unique opportunity came with a license of the golden medal Ibex. But we had to hunt immediately because the animal was very close to the limits of the hunting reserve and it was quite old.

A very special gold medal Ibex

With the emotion of our hunter Jeff upon hearing the great news, we gained strength with a good breakfast to meet the park rangers of the Gredos hunting reserve. After all the documents were ready, we went to the hunting place. This time is a very special Ibex because we only can hunt that one. So the plan was to sit down on the top of the mountain and watch carefully to find our Ibex.

Already in the hunting area and in the place where the described Ibex was found, we put ourselves in a position to find the Ibex. It took us a long time since, as there were many holes, the Ibex found itself behind a rock resting and it was impossible to see it. But the good work of the park rangers armed us with patience to be able to find our Gredos Ibex.

Jeff finding a good position to hunt Gold Medal Gredos ibex

Already found on the opposite slope, Jeff tried to find a good shooting position. And with all the calm in the world, he made a perfect shot taking down the spectacular Gredos Ibex.

Picture of Jeff with his Gold Medal Gredos ibex in Spain

Congratulations Jeff for this magnificent Ibex!