Iberhunting presents a new hunting destination that any hunter will love: Poland.

With an area of ​​more than 312,000 square kilometers, Poland is divided into more than 3,000 hunting districts. These districts are administered by hunting associations that are in turn part of the Polish Hunting Federation active since 1923. A country that cares very carefully for the management and control of hunting areas and species to guarantee the number and quality of the trophies.

What kind of hunter travels to Poland?

If you are a hunter “by nature” and you are thinking of a European country, your destination is Poland. It has 23 national parks and is a destination known worldwide among hunters. Here you will find a great variety of species thanks to the large forest areas.

The cultural bustle and industrial activity of its main cities such as Krakow or Warsaw contrast with the rural areas where time seems to have stopped. Its natural parks and a great variety of castles and palaces provide that bucolic and fairytale air.

About its gastronomy, in Poland, you will discover new and inspiring flavors. Polish cuisine is a mixture of gastronomies of Slavic and German origin, as well as traditions of the area. Its gastronomy is characterized mainly by being abundant and forceful dishes with ingredients normally related to rural life because traditionally Poland is a people that work the land.

The hunt in Poland as an ancient tradition

Hunting in Poland is a philosophy of life and has a rich and ancient tradition. Poland was already used by the Tsars of Greater Russia as a private hunting ground.

Famous mainly for its roe deer season, Poland also offers incredible stalks of deer, fallow deer, mouflon, or wild boar. We offer you roe deer, red deer, and fallow deer hunting packages but also combine one or several species in the packages. You can travel in a group or if you prefer we organize individual trips, but what we do assure you is an incredible hunting experience. A trip that will meet all your expectations and will ensure you beautiful trophies and memorable memories.

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