Hunting Aoudad Sheep after a driven hunt weekend

Aoudad Sheep 60cm

After a long days of hunting wild boar, mouflon and fallow deer, and with a day off to rest and tour a part of the group wanted for the first time to live the experience of hunting Aoudad sheep.

After an intense celebration after the weekend, the stalking begins, at 7:30 we were already in the hunting area waiting for the first lights of the sun.

And after about 20 minutes walking, we observed a group with more than 30 animals, so we decided to shoot down a nice male that with a spectacular shot our friend Lars took him.

Another guide was in the lower part of the mountain and I from above, I found a group with 10-15 animals, I told him and after finding them our guide and hunter Hans got another spectacular wreck, after a shot at 225 meters , that yes this we had to go with the dogs after eating, since these animals are very powerful and it is normal that they go hurt.

Aoudad Sheep 60cm

Turn to eat and in the afternoon you have to wait in turrets for places where these animals are usually seen, although the afternoon was not fruitful since we only saw females and small males.

The flight of our friends left at 12 pm so our friend Anders decided to try it again in the early hours of the morning, we went to the same place where the previous morning Lars took his male and we saw more than 30 animals, after finding the group, it was a bit difficult for us since our hunters had scopes for driven hunt with small zoom, but the experience made our guides approach our friend at the correct distance to get another incredible wreck.

Congratulations to all you have achieved 3 spectacular Aoudad sheep in 1 day and a half.