Would you like to live the most classic and tradtional hunting method in Spain? The monteria is an amazing experience that you have to live at least once in your hunting life!

The monteria is the queen of the big game hunt in Spain. The earliest records of monterías date back to the Late Middle Ages in the Crown of Castile, as can be seen with King Alfonso XI and his “Libro de la montería”, published in the first half of the 14th century. Modern monterías in the Spanish sense are the result of around 300 years of evolution from the most primitive hunts that were common in the Middle Ages.

The roles in the monteria

The monteria is a collective form of hunting that involves many different roles without which the proper development and success of the brush beating are impossible. On a mound or brush of several hundred hectares, a series of “armadas” or lines of hunting posts are formed, surrounding and covering the terrain. Hunting dogs play a very special role in this form of hunting and it would be impossible without them. Led by their respective dog handler, the “rehalas” are released, moving in from one or more ends of the brush. They beat the brush in different directions so that the fleeing game attempt to break through the hunting lines. Although this would appear to be a very planned action, the truth is that monteria is a form of hunting that requires a high level of observation, attention, silence, and accuracy by the hunter.

Two or three exciting days of monteria

From Iberhunting we already have available dates for the next season of Montería:

  • Two exciting days of Monteria

From 10th to 13th February of 2022 with 25 stands. In these two days, you will have a total quota of 4 red deers (up to 10 points), 4 female deers, and a free wild board. Everything with a 3 nights full board accommodation in a single room from the dinner of the arrival day to the breakfast of the departure day.
  • Three exciting days of Monteria

From 29th October to 02nd November 2021. With 30 stands, in these three days, you will have on the first day 2 red deers plus 7 female deers and free wild boars. On the second day, the quota will be 3 red deers plus 2 female deers and free wild boars. And on the third day of hunting, you will enjoy an unlimited quota. A hunting trip of four nights full board accommodation in a single room from the dinner of the arrival day to the breakfast of the departure day.

If you are interested in knowing the entire itinerary and price please contact us at [email protected]