The most traditional hunting method of Spain

Dogs used for Spanish driven hunt

Spanish Monteria

The driven hunt is a collective form of hunting that involves many different roles without which the proper development and success of the brush beating are impossible. On a mound or brush of several hundred hectares, a series of “armadas” or lines of hunting posts are formed, surrounding and covering the terrain. Hunting dogs play a very special role in this form of hunting and it would be impossible without them. Led by their respective dog handler, the “rehalas” are released, moving in from one or more ends of the brush. They beat the brush in different directions so that the fleeing game attempt to break through the hunting lines. Although this would appear to be a very planned action, the truth is that monteria is a form of hunting that requires a high level of observation, attention, silence, and accuracy by the hunter. So we recommend being attentive from the first till the last moment in the Monteria.

Traditional hunt

The Montería is the most classic and traditional hunting method of Spain. An amazing experience that allows the hunter to live incredible feelings in a friendly ambiance surrounded by the most typical Spanish landscape and its delicious gastronomy & wine. An experience to live at least once in your hunting life!

If you want to hunt the Spanish Monteria or Driven hunt, contact us for more information for the 2022 season (From September 2022)

2 days of Monteria

February 9th to 12th 2023

  • Madrid airport

  • Ciudad Real

  • Hotel Santa Eulalia ****
  • 30 stands

Mules take care for the trophies during the monteria
Hunters enjoying a break after Spanish Monteria
Spanish monteria driven hunt
Hunters listen to the explanation for monteria driven hunt
Spanish driven hunt monteria
hunters enjoying Spanish driven hunt
driven hunt in Spain
Explanation driven hunt monteria
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Last videos of driven hunt in Spain

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