• Airport: Murcia or Alicante Airport

  • Hunting Season: All year

  • Duration: From 2 days

  • Accommodation: Hotel

Three aoudad sheeps

The Aoudad Sheep is a bovine animal of the Caprid family, native to the rocky areas of the Sahara and Western North Africa. The names arruí and aoudad, as it is known in many European languages, come from the Berber language.
In our country, the Aoudad Sheep is in the Southeast mountains.
Aoudad Sheep has very short hair, except for its tail and the shaggy “beard” which covers its throat and front legs. It has a reddish or sandy brown color, slightly lighter on the underbelly. Both males and females have horns. Those of the females are much smaller and slimmer. The horns of the males grow out in a triangular cross-section, are very wide at the base, and grow backward circular; the horn is perennial and continues growing throughout the entire life.

Barbary sheep hunting in Spain

Hunting aoudad sheep in Spain

A mountain species, it manages perfectly on crags and cliffs located in a dry, semi-desert climate. They live in more or less numerous groups made up of mixed herds, consisting of males of all ages, females, and their young ones. The females are in charge of guiding the group. These are animals that adapt perfectly to any type of terrain.
The hunting area is in the Región of Murcia, in the southeast of Spain. The closest airports are Murcia – San Javier (45 minutes) and Alicante airport (1h15 minutes).

The hunt will start early in the morning (7.00h). After breakfast, we will drive to the hunting area. With the aid of binoculars, we will try to find the groups of Aoudad Sheep in this desert landscape; once our trophy is spotted, our stalking will begin the silent stalk until we reach a suitable shooting distance.
We can combine this program with Wild Boar hunting that we can find in the same area, or with Southeastern Ibex and Mountain Red Deer, only one hour driving from here.

Dave happy with his aoudad sheep trophy hunting in Spain
Hunter shooting for an Aoudad Sheep in Spain
Couple with aoudad sheep hunting trophy
Hunters admiring the views from the hunting area for Aoudad sheep hunt
aoudad sheep hunting spain
Shooting for aoudad sheep
Hunter with aoudad sheep
Hunters admiring the views of Aoudad Sheep
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Hunting and Vacation, a perfect destination

During this trip, we offer the possibility to stay in a hotel or the privacy of a country house. The accommodation in the Hotel Parador de Turismo offers visitors the chance to embark on the journey through time, from the archaeological site located under the hotel and completely integrated into the building, to the magnificent designer facilities, indoor swimming pool, and modern spa. And a charming small country house can be your accommodation during your stay if you are looking for privacy and relaxation. A swimming pool area with mountain views will be the perfect place to relax after your hunt.

Castle of Lorca, a must to see in Lorca
Lorca is a beautiful city, declared a historic and artistic site in 1964. It is known as the ‘Baroque city’ thanks to the important Baroque monuments in its historic center. The sun shines for more than 3,000 hours per year and the Mediterranean sea is only 35 km away. This is a great destination if you like to travel with your family and to share your hunt with the family holidays.

Last Videos of Aoudad Sheep hunt

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