• Airport: Murcia or Alicante airport

  • Hunting Season: September-June

  • Duration: From 2 days

  • Accommodation: Hotel

Shade of a Red Stag Deer

Stalking red stag deer hunting

This exceptional program will bring you to the Sierra de Los Filabres in the province of Almería (Andalusia). In this spectacular hunting reserve, we can find two of the most representative Spanish species: the Sierra Nevada Ibex (Southeastern Ibex) and the Spanish Red Stag Deer.

The hunting season for the Spanish Red Stag Deer is from mid-September to middle February. The rut time is from mid-September, and we recommend stalking in these mountains during this period.

We will start this hunt early in the morning before the sun comes up. The hunting area is at 2.000 meters altitude. It is a mountain place with vegetation mainly formed by pine forests. Listening to the roar of the stags during the rut while waiting for the males to leave the pines to open places where shooting is possible, is an experience that accelerates the heart of every hunter and raises the adrenaline!

Hunter with red stag deer
Landscape of the sunrise on the hunting area
Trophy hunt of Red Stag Deer
Landscape of sunset on the hunting reserve
Trophy hunt of Iberian Red Stag deer
Hunter with red stag deer trophy in Spain
Hunter with red deer
Landscape of sunrise
Hunting Trophy red deer
Landscape of sunset
Red Stag deer hunting trophy
Red Stag deer trophy and hunter
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Sightseeing activities for Iberian Red Deer

During this trip, you will stay in a charming hotel close to the hunting area where you will know about the hospitality of its people, and you will be able to delight yourself with the delicious recipes of this inland region of Andalusia. Visit also our Sightseeing activities for the non-hunters companion or for the hunters that wish to stay some extra days. You will be surprised at the variety of activities and fun you can find there.
A combination hunting program is possible in this area including in the program the Red Stag Deer and Sierra Nevada Ibex.

Tourism for Red Stag Deer

Last Videos of Spanish Red Deer

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