Today is the day to hunt an Ibex in Cazorla. After having hunted a great mouflon the day before, we knew that this was the day to hunt an ibex. We started the day by eating a delicious breakfast and got ready to climb the mountains. Because of the last hot days, the ibexes should be on top of the mountains.

We were Frederick and his father and the Iberhunting guides, going up the hill. But after a few hours of hard climb and reaching the area we believed that the ibexes would be there. Nevertheless, there was a group of more than 40 female deers in our way. So when the animals saw us they started to run. We imagined the worst and when we reached the top, we could see a nervous ibex. Therefore, we could not see the animals because they had fled to other places.

The ibexes hid

It was already midday and it was hot, so the animals were hidden. Therefore, we decided to rest and let him start moving. But to our surprise, we could see about 800 meters away from an ibex that was bigger than we were looking for and we knew the animal could not go alone.

After observing the road to approach the ibex and we managed to see another ibex that was perfect for what we were looking for. But we had a long and difficult path between sharp and slippery rocks. After passing it successfully, we managed to place ourselves about 250 meters from our target!

The moment of truth had arrived and we put ourselves in firing position. With his Blaser K95 cal. 270 Frederick made a great shot and he achieved the target of getting an ibex. A beautiful ibex on top of the natural park of Sierra de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas.

Time to enjoy

It is time to enjoy it! After walking about 10 kilometers and with pronounced slopes, we had the ibex at our feet. We took many photographs to immortalize the moment and we deserved to enjoy one of the most amazing landscapes in Spain. And of course, to celebrate this beautiful hunt we eat a good Iberian ham to remember this amazing ibex in Cazorla.

Congratulations Frederick! It has been a pleasure to guide you on this adventure. And it has been wonderful to enjoy your company and that of your family.

Frederik with Southeastern ibex hunting trophy