Our tourism in Beceite Ibex stands out for a unique and very fun experience that you can live with this paella cooking class. Forget everything you know or you have learned. With this class, you will discover how to make this typical recipe from Valencia with a local professional chef.

First step: to choose the right ingredients

The Central Market of Valencia (Mercado Central) is the best place to learn and see all the fresh different products you can find. This market offers a 360ª experience with culture, gastronomy, and the best products every day. Our guide will explain to us that not all ingredients are correct to make a paella.

Second step: the cooking utensils

The paella pan is the key to achieving a quality result because it depends on the ingredients that are cooked perfectly and that the flavors are strengthened to create a unique dish. And you will learn how the paella was invented and how it has become one of the most significant symbols of Spanish cuisine. 

Then, you need an apron, a chef hat, and a knife to cut our ingredients. And we are ready to start!

Third step: starting to cook

To add the correct amount of olive oil, we use our thumbs as a reference. Putting both hands on the paella pan, we will pour oil until it reaches our thumbs. Then, we add one by one, all the ingredients pushing them to the ends when they are cooked. And in the last place, we add grated tomato. Also, you will learn in this class how to grate and cut the ingredients.

After that, it is time for the paprika. We just put a teaspoon less than the number of people who are going to eat the paella. But it is very important to buy smoked paprika. Following, we need to add the water. To know how much we need, we just leave a finger without water on the edge of the paella pan. And then, we will add salt, in this case, one teaspoon more than the number of people. Finally, we can add saffron, a very popular Spanish spice. Do you know how much the kilo of saffron costs? We invite you to check on the Internet.

Fourth step: do not forget the fun

The “paella Valenciana” means tradition and party. During the “Fallas” party, it is tradition to cook paella and dance in the streets. So in this class, we do not forget to have a good time. Do not add the snails as normal, through it, and above all, have fun. 

To add the rice, you just need to do a line of rice in the middle of the paella pan. It is just enough for the number of people if we have chosen the correct paellera. 

When there are no bubbles of water, it means that the rice is ready. Only we need to wait a few minutes to make the “socarrat”. This is to toast the bottom of the rice and have this characteristic caramelized flavor of the “socarrat”.

And when the paella is ready, it is time to eat! Also, in this class, the customers receive a diploma as experts in authentic Valencian paellas. 

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