Last week two men were arrested for poaching in Spain. An italian man of 50 years old and a neighbor of Granada were hunting an Ibex without authorization. In Spain, the animal must wear a seal and an administrative public document. So it is very important to book your hunting trip with guarantee, to book with an official travel agency.

We always give some recommendations for a safety hunting booking. As an Official Travel Agency we offer a quality and guarantee in the hunting areas. Iberhunting only operates in natural hunting reserves and communal areas where there is a strict control and development of the hunt allowing the conservation of wild hunt with density of animals and good trophies. Furthermore, we also are authorized by the export ministry to export trophies.

What does it mean to be Official Agency?

In Spain, only Official Travel Agencies are allowed to organise complete programs including transfers, accommodation and restaurants.

So, if you are going to compare programs with other outfitters, please it’s very important to know that we are not a simple outfitter, we are an Official Travel Agency with registered number C.I.MU.347.m.

We have special insurances covering the safety and security of our clients and we are working under the Spanish tourist law. Furthermore, we are a member of the International Tourism Association.

Most of them they maybe do not know it and offers to the clients full packages. Nevertheless this is not allowed and if there is any accident then they can have a big problem because they don’t have the necessary insurances for this kind of activity.

For your safety, we recommend you to ask to the spanish outfitters to send you his registered number and official seal of travel agency. This seal provide you the security of there being no unexpected surprise. If they are Official Travel Agency they will send to you this seal.

AV means: Agencia de Viajes (Travel Agency). And the number you can see CIMU.347.m is the registered number. All the official travel agencies have this seal, it means you will book your hunting trip with guarantee. For your security, ask for it.

High quality of the services

Hunting Trip with guarantee

We take care of all the details of your hunt. Therefore we offer the highest quality also of the services such as the best accommodation, the best meals and food, restaurants… We look for the best regional gastronomy of each place providing you the unforgettable experience of living  an amazing hunting trip. Exclusive tourism in your hunting destination: beach, culture, gastronomy, golf, relax… a large list of possibilities to offer after your hunt.

Other guarantee seals

ITAP (International Tourism Association of Professionals) is the international organization which is created for the support of travel agents and tour operators of an average and small link and also for the support new young companies which have just come to the business market and are ready to work day and night, and for everyone who is related with tourism activity: hotels, guides, transport companies and etc. The main aim of ITAP is to unite all the tourism structures into unique system in order to provide prosper work.


CEXGAN Seal: Accreditation that allows our company to accede to the processing of the necessary certificates for the export of taxidermy trophies.