New hunting adventure to hunt southeastern Ibex. This time we are in the southeast of Spain, the place of the incredible Sierra Nevada Ibex hunt.

In this challenge to find and hunt an old Ibex, we traveled with our friend Stefan and his wife Heide. They were very excited because she would get her first mountain deer and a female ibex.

We arrived at the hotel and hunting area. After a cold week in Spain, the thermometer showed the opposite, that was a pity! We like to hunt Ibex when the temperatures are low because the great males do not stop walking in search of females, since we are in the first days of zeal.

First hunting day

First hunting day we started at 8 in the morning after a delicious breakfast. Just 5 minutes later leaving the hotel we found a group of Ibex and the old males were still not with the females, that was great!

The fun was incredible, many animals around and you could see animals everywhere, the scene was amazing. At that point, we were on a rock trying to find our Ibex and suddenly an 8 years old male ibex climbed on the same rock trying to find females. Thas was fantastic! We had just the ibex 2 meters from us and he did not realize that we were there!

The day started to be hot and the animals were lying down so we decided to go back to the hotel and eat something.

During the afternoon we were in the mountains and we saw again many animals. We tried to shoot several of them but after being close to them we decided to look for an older one. This was the first hunting day and we had time to get a better trophy.

First hunting day over but the night remained with Stefan’s birthday! With the best Spanish cuisine, we wish Stefan all the best.

Looking for our Sierra Nevada Ibex

On the second hunting day, we returned to a place where our hunting guide controlled an old Ibex that we could not see the day before. And as a king of the mountain, we saw him on the top of the mountain. After valuing the trophy and being able to see it well with the telescope, we had no doubt that was our Ibex.

We do not know the desire of Stefan the night before blowing the candles, but more than a hunter would dream of seeing and hunting an Ibex of this size.

That was the perfect moment. The Ibex was eating and we were with good support, so that was Stefan’s turn to shoot it, and it was. Our friend got a spectacular Ibex with a precise shot. After it was the turn of emotion, photos, and respect to the trophy.

But this is not the end. After it was Heide’s turn, this female hunter was able to hunt a pretty female Ibex and her first mountain red stag.

An amazing couple in this amazing adventure in Spain that they will never forget.