Turning a hunt into a vacation is possible with Iberhunting. Hunting and Holidays package is the best option for those that want to hunt and travel in Spain. This is the story of these women: to enjoy the country while their husbands were hunting

DAY 1- Discovering Sierra de Los Filabres

They are Tricia, Sarah, and Paula from Hawaii and New Zealand. They started the tour with the trail “Las Menas” beauty of the pedestrian route. This small tour is a walk that allows us to explore the ruins of the old mining town of Las Menas. A perfect excuse to discover and admire the beautiful area of “Sierra de Los Filabres”.

Our friends visited this antique mining town that had several miles of inhabitants, being the main population of an area full of other small towns focused on iron extraction. In the years 40-50, it had its greats splendor. Families from all over Spain went there to work.

In the afternoon the tour continued to the fantastic views in the observatory of “Calar Alto”, one of the references for the international astronomical community.

To finish this big day, we all had a Spanish barbecue.

Day 2- Historical Lorca town

We started with the hiking route of “Cejo de Los Enamorados” in Lorca, a fantastic route for the whole family and with lots of history. The legend says that a beautiful Christian princess captivated a handsome Muslim knight. In the face of the rejection of the couple’s families, that love had no choice but to move into a secret. The lovers met each other every evening outside the castle. One night they were surprised by a guard that started harsh persecution of the Muslim knight but he was reached at the “Cejo” and he fell off a cliff. When the young princess arrived and saw what had happened, she threw herself into a vacuum over her lover´s body. Nowadays, in the place where the bodies of lovers fell springs a spring, the source of the Cejo.
After this exciting path, our friends Tricia, Sarah, and Paula visited the Lorca Castle, the City Hall, the San Patricio Collegiate Church, the Embroidery Museum, and the Lorca Theater. A fantastic day that finishes eating a great “paella” in front of the sea in Águilas.

Day 3- Mini Hollywood theme park

On the last day of this tour, it was the day to live a unique experience through the scenery of a western town where classic Westerns have been shooted. This Mini Hollywood theme park was the Hollywood film paradise for two intense decades, the 60’s and 70’s. For these scenes have walked illustrious actors such as Clint Eastwood, Brigitte Bardot, or Anthony Quinn.

An amazing holiday in Spain while their husbands hunted a great Southeastern Ibex and Aoudad Sheep in the mountains in Spain.

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