On the last 2nd of November, we finished our first Spanish Montería of the season with resounding success. Three days of hunting with a group of Danish hunters made up of six friends who decided to spend the weekend to experience the most traditional Spanish hunt. The Montería was a success despite the first day of heavy rain that accompanied us most of the morning.

The hunting days began in the best way: tasting a great breakfast with typical dishes of the area. This is the case of “Migas”, a traditional dish of the rural world and the world of hunting in southern Spain, a breakfast that all our hunters loved.

While Monteria, it was raining

Positions in the Spanish Montería

Make a draw between hunters

After a delicious Spanish breakfast, this is the moment to make a draw and put each hunter in their position. So, after knowing the luck of each hunter, we traveled by car to the different positions to wait for the hunting day to begin.

Once at the post, we wait until around 12 o’clock until the rehalas of dogs begin to be released so that the animals begin to move. It is a very magical and crepitant moment, which is lived with great emotion. You know that your animal can appear near your post at any time. So, without moving from your place, you must be very attentive to each movement because your animal may appear behind a bush. Listening to the noise of the animals and waiting carefully for your shooting moment, is a unique experience that every hunter should live.

The end of a hunting day of Montería

After 3 hours of hunting the Spanish-driven hunt is over. It is time to collect everything and return to the meeting point, the place where all the trophies are exposed. It is also the time to meet and comment on all our experiences and battles during the hunt. This day culminated with a succulent traditional Spanish meal where the good ham could not be missed.

Successful hunter after 3 days of monteria in Spain

Successful montería

With a total of 65 animals among all the hunters, these three days of Montería were a success. Some incredible days where we enjoyed the passion of hunting, Spanish gastronomy, and of course the company of a stupendous group of hunters.
All our stands for the next Spanish Montería are complete, so don’t miss this traditional Spanish hunt and book your place for the 2022 season.