The Challenge and the Pursuit

In the southern regions of Spain, where the majestic landscapes unfold, the southeastern ibex hunt unveils unique challenges and extraordinary moments. While ibex in the south are generally smaller than their northern counterparts, there are rare instances when luck favors us, allowing a glimpse of these magnificent creatures matching the size of their northern counterparts.

This time, Kirk faced the thrilling challenge of undertaking his 4th ibex hunt in Spain. We had identified a good specimen of Southeastern Ibex, so our efforts were focused on this animal.

The morning began, and the hunter, guide, and scouts went to where we had seen it days before.

Bad luck accompanied us that morning; another younger ibex seemed to have displaced the ibex we were looking for from the group of females. We waited a few hours to see him but without luck.

Plan B and New Challenges

Undeterred, we resolved to press on, devising a plan B to enhance our chances of a successful southeastern ibex hunt.

Plan B worked; we saw a good Southeastern ibex with a group of females, Yet, our attempts to approach stealthily were thwarted as the females detected our presence, preventing us from reaching the prized ibex.

After this attempt, we saw another great ibex. We approached and were less than 100 meters away, fully prepared, but the ibex was on the skyline, and we decided to wait, unfortunately, the animal went the other way and disappeared.

Despite the morning’s streak of bad luck, we decided to take a break and enjoy a meal near the initial location where we had identified the first ibex. Little did we know that our fortunes were about to change.

Landscape of the Southeastern ibex hunt in Spain

A Stroke of Luck

As we prepared to eat, the ibex reappeared, rejoining the group. Morning activities had likely exhausted the creature, offering us a fortuitous opportunity during the full Rut time.

With time ticking away, Kirk swiftly assumed a shooting position, executing a perfect shot to harvest an incredible ibex. Congratulations to Kirk for conquering the challenges of the southeastern ibex hunt and achieving a remarkable feat in the heart of Spain.

Kirk with his trophy of Southeastern ibex hunt in Spain.