Just from the first moment, when you even think about booking the hunt, your adrenaline starts from the feet to your head. But this is nothing, because after you land with the airplane you think, wooowww this is happening! After this moment you start to look for fresh air and think you are hunting your lion, it’s real!! You start to imagen as it can be, try to smell the air of Africa, try to get feelings, right now you are already hunting your lion.

Slowly, slowly you are closer to the hunting area and the camp. There, you meet our PH and before you wake up to this dream, you are in our 4×4 on the way to hunt the lion.

This experience is awesome, from this moment on you can only trust yourself, your rifle and of course your PH. From now on, watch you back and concentrate on your lion because to hunt a lion it is not a game, it is a real danger game hunt.

The first moment with the lion

The first time that you see the lion all the hairs on your body stand up to you. Then you realize where you are and you maybe will think only in two points: the first one can be “what the hell I am doing here”. And the second one: f..ck this is real, the lion of my life is just in front of me! That is the moment!

When you get your lion you will be another type of hunter, believe me. You can look at 40/50 yards of the lion in the eyes, so in your normal life at home, you will not be afraid anymore after this step.

My recommendations of this Safari

Here is my recommendation in this hunt. Enjoy each moment of this Safari. Take your time to take pictures of your lion and do not be stressed or in a hurry. Stay with your lion, because after this moment all will be memories. I wish in many of my hunts I could stay a longer time with my trophies.

To all hunters who really like to hunt a Lion, do not let it for a long time. Many hunters just said: “Oh Africa! I can hunt even with 90 years”. But this is not true because you need to have the reflexes. So what you can do today do not leave it for tomorrow!!

Lion hunting is a great experience but it is a hunt where you need to book with all the guarantees. If you have any questions about this lion hunting trip, please contact us.

Antonio Teruel PH