Land of exotic beauty and legendary safaris

  • Airport: Johannesburgo/Port Elizabeth / Kimberly

    *Depending on the species to hunt, the airport may change.

  • Hunting Season: January-May

  • Duration: From 6 days
  • Accommodation: Luxury lodge

Landscape of hunting in South Africa

South Africa, with its incomparable wildlife, is undoubtedly the birthplace of safaris. Here you can find from the Big Five of Africa to the Little Five, making what is the African dream of every hunter come true.
We can customize your safari and tailor it to your needs; from family-friendly safaris to the adrenaline-pumping experience of lion hunting in the Kalahari Desert.

Known as the rainbow country because of its ethnic, cultural, and natural mix, South Africa will captivate its visitors.

Hunt in South Africa: Initiation Safari

If you have never visited the continent and want to start this adventure, we recommend that you choose this country for your initiation trip.
This program will take us to the Limpopo region, the northernmost province of the country, and one of the wildest and most pristine malaria-free, one of the most popular safari destinations on the African continent.
We will head to our destination flying from Madrid to Johannesburg, where we will continue the route in 4 × 4 to our lodge, located in a small oasis in the middle of the glorious Waterberg Mountains. This luxurious complex, designed and built following the African architectural style with beautiful animal carvings decorating its rooms, will be the perfect place to rest after an exciting day of hunting in Limpopo.
During the day, it is stalked both on foot and by vehicle since long distances are covered. It is usually driven with 4×4 looking for the animals that interest the hunter, and once sighted, a stalk is made that allows us to approach until achieving an optimal distance and visibility. Each client will coordinate the hunting day with their professional guide according to their physical conditions or preferences.
They are packages with an excellent price, and that includes eight days of accommodation with seven days of hunting and four trophies; you can always add other additional species to your quota. The area is enormous and has very varied biodiversity: impala, kudu, nyala, wildebeest, blesbuck, warthog, duiker, red hartebeest.

It is the perfect safari for those who wish to travel accompanied by their families or friends.
Don’t let the African dream escape.

Hunt in South Africa buffalos, antelopes…

It is undoubtedly a fantastic destination for those who wish to share the incredible experience of an African safari with their family or friends.
Our destination airport is Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape Province; For this, we will fly from Madrid with a stopover in Johannesburg. Flight time from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth is approx. 1h40min and there are usually several daily flights connecting these cities.
The Eastern Cape is in an important historical and cultural past; As the birthplace of Nelson Mandela, the province is also known for the leading role it played in the fight for African democracy.
As a hunting destination, the Eastern Cape is one of the safest in South Africa; more than thirty different species in virgin and malaria-free conditions.
Our clients have the opportunity to stalk all kinds of antelope in this area, but also buffalo and sables. Natural vegetation is an ideal habitat for the Impala, Springbuck, Blesbuck, Zebra, Bushbuck, Duiker, Steenbuck, Kudu, Eland, Buffalo, Sable, and, more specifically, Nyala; in fact, it is a paradise for this species.
If you travel as a family, you will have a great time! In addition to the photographic safaris, they can make excursions to the “Addo Elephant Park”, where the largest population of elephants in the world is found, and “Elephant Back Safaris” which offers the stimulating experience of riding these magnificent animals. Another interesting place is the “Mountain Zebra” National Park.
At Iberhunting we can customize any of our destinations so that your experience is unique and unforgettable.

In the footsteps of the king of predators: The Lion of the Kalahari

Unleash your wild spirit and embark on this fearless adventure

This incredible hunting program will begin with arrival at JOHANNESBURG AIRPORT, followed by a domestic flight to KIMBERLEY. From this place, we will drive approximately 2h30min to our destination, the Kalahari Desert.
Without a doubt, the lion lives up to its name: “King of the jungle” It is the king of all African predators. While buffalo is considered by many to be the most dangerous of hunting safaris, the lion is the best known, respected, and feared member of the Big Five. The largest of the African felines, with dark mane and imposing posture, a duel between the hunter and his prey charged with adrenaline and emotion.
You can combine this program with antelope in the Eastern Cape.
We truly believe that hunting is one of the best conservation tools in the world. We thank our clients for hunting with us and contributing to this preservation of wildlife.

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