Cradle of democracy and western civilization

Iberhunting takes you to Greece, an impressive destination for its wide variety of tourist sites and cultural spaces that tell the story of Ancient Greece, the cradle of Western civilization.

Greece is a European country that is located in the southeastern part of the continent; It bears the official name of the Hellenic Republic and is part of the European Union. It is characterized by its great historical content dating from the first centuries of humanity, its development of art and culture, as well as its significance over time.

Legendaries sunsets in its taverns with a relaxed atmosphere

The unique beauty of a country whose land and its people loves to offer itself in its entirety to its visitors. The Hellenic country is sea, incredible sunsets and idyllic landscapes. Archaeological corners that still preserve the vestiges of a glorious past.

In these emblematic natural landscapes, with crystal clear waters and infinite blue, the hunting of the Kri Kri Ibex takes place, an exclusive trophy that our clients can hunt on the island of Sapientza, located on the Greek coast south of the Peloponnese .

The Kri Kri Ibex (Capra aegagrus creticus) is a subspecies of wild goat endemic to the Greek island of Crete and other nearby islets. Its origin is questioned and there are those who have identified it as a subspecies of the wild bezoar goat; but this classification differs from those who believe that it is a wild goat, derived from the first domestic stocks brought to the island by the first Neolithic settlers.

It is a shy animal and is probably the smallest of all the Ibex. Some are brown and some are gray, with black legs and have a very thick beard.

The SCI considers those of the Greek islands of Crete and the Kri Kri islet as pure or true, as well as those of the islands of Sapienza and Atalanti, in addition to the Croatian island of Dugi. The name Capra Aegragus is used for all. Those of the continent consider them “non indigenous”, that is to say, introductions of pure Kri Kri, or “Hybrid”, that have hybridized with feral goats (feral goat).

Although there are few licenses to hunt this species in Greece, living this experience is a luxury. Extend your stay and enjoy a few days of relaxation in paradise.

  • Airport: Athenes

  • Hunting Season: November

  • Duration: 5 days

  • Accommodation: Hotel

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