All hunters hunt in many places of the world, but when they come for wild boar hunting and during the night, then this night is a special night for all hunters. As soon as it is dark everything looks like a wild boar if you hear any noise the wild boar is coming and this makes you really crazy, your heart is always on 180 revolutions.

Well, hunting wild boar in Spain is completely different from our countries in the north of Europe. Here you do not have all these kinds of towers or this 300 Kg of wild boar. In our area is the ground light brown colour, like snow or sand, not so many vegetations. Furthermore, we always sit in special places always in high positions, where many times you can see the wild boar coming, or you hear him, depending where you are seating.

And normally the wild boars like to go on the almond trees, they break the branch and start to eat the almonds, this makes a lot of noise and also the wild boar is really busy. But his ears listen to everything, any small noise from your side and they run away in one second. The only move you can do it is when you are sure to make the shot if your heart lets you do it , because it will be over 180.

Never shoot the first wild boar

We also have baits with corns too, but in this case if we know a big Keiler is coming we never shoot the first wild boar who is coming to the baits. Even if he has tusks because the really big Keilers always have with them one esquire. The esquire is always the first one who goes to the bait, just in case the hunter is in the bait. After one hour or less that the esquire is eating without any problem, then in one second the esquire runs away and in this moment is the Papa Charlie in the place featuring.  This is your time then, take it easy, concentrate and all movements have to be in slow camera and do nott let your heart control the situation otherwise you will lose it.

After the shoot waits for at least 30 minutes because in the case you miss, the esquire or the big Keiler can come even back again and give you another opportunity. Even if you kill the Keiler, the esquire can come and see what is going on with his Boss. So always, slow down your heart and use the brain and calm, this is very important. This is easy to say, but it is the only way to be successful.

Special wild boar hunting program

This is a special program where you combine the Spanish sun with you passion for hunting. Situated in the Region of Murcia, on the Southeast of Spain, a beautiful Mediterranean country house.

Only 10 minutes driving from the lodge is the hunting area where every night the bait will be ready waiting for the wild boars of the area. And the sea is about 20 minutes, so it is a perfect location for a special Hunting & Holidays trip.

Moreover, in this region is also possible to hunt by stalking the Aoudad Sheep. So this program can be combined with this specie, which hunting season is also open during all the year. For any further questions please contact us.

In Spain, the wild boars are not so heavy but have great tusks, a completely different way of hunting wild boars during the night. That is why Iberhunting offers you a great offer to hunt the spanish wild boar and enjoy a great holiday at the same time.

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The most important thing to book your hunting trip with guarantee

“The most important thing to book your hunting trip with guarantee”